Welcome to my home on the Internet.

Hey, I’m Holly LaRochelle – a relentless multi-passionate creator. I have been digital storytelling, creating community, and sharing art on the Internet for over 20 years.

My Zone of Genius is all about clarity and bringing from essence into form. That looks like helping businesses and creative projects be birthed or get to their next level, creating flower, gem & environmental essences and deep dives in the Akashic Records.

I’m a curious combination of left-brained been-there-done-that badass digital marketer, and right brained creative, feminine intuitive.

My background in digital marketing that started back in the early 90’s with blogging and website design. I’ve been playing on the Internet since the days of Netscape and AOL.

I became a digital content creator while starting The Inspired Home, a multiple-author parenting blog. The Inspired Home grew steadily to over 100,000 unique page views a month, and worked with brands like Crayola, Carters Osh Kosh, and Royal Bank. My posts would go on be featured on PTPA, Buzz Feed, and Food Gawker. I sold the blog in 2018.

Shortly thereafter, I started working with influencer campaigns, and small business owners to help them build prescences online.

I worked with a lot of creative women over the course of these 3 years. They were passionate creators who were carving out little spaces for themselves based on things they loved to do. Some of them had really innovative ideas, yet they seemed to be overwhelmed by tech and communicating their message to their customers. Although our calls were about building websites, and assets, our conversations seemed to really talk about mindsets, how they felt, and pieces of the puzzle that were off in their wellness between action steps.

What killed me about it was, they knew EXACTLY what they needed to do and even HOW they wanted it done, Yet they didn’t think THEY COULD DO IT. They didn’t think they could choose how their business and lives would run, and sat waiting for permission slips. So, I gave out a lot of permission slips and I wandered further up the river to figure out where the heck they were falling in.

So I went wilder, and found myself immersed in deep dives with intuition, rhythm, and vibrational healing with the Akashic Records and flower essences.

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