Idea Lab

A month-to-month container where you can explore your ideas, and then get down to the business of creating and birthing them into the world.

How it works


We set-up a project
coning & framework for your creative  or business project.

01. creative work

You work on your project & can contact me via Marco Polo when you reach pitfalls or challenges in your creative process.

02. Answers from akasha

You pose question(s) about the challenge you are facing; I open your Akashic Records and answer the questions.

what my clients are saying

Holly has given me several readings which have been spot on. She has a tremendous range of talents both in the business world and in the metaphysical arena. I highly recommend Holly as co-creative partner. She has all of the qualities one would expect from an ideal co-creator partner . Most importantly, her enthusiasm and love of learning, connection, and integrity are what she leads with.

Susan Brochin

former public school teacher, yoga instructor, and metaphysical entrepreneur.



Try a free 60-minute reading for your business or creative project to get a taste of the Inspired Business eco-system. You can ask 4-5 questions.

The calendar below displays available times in YOUR time zone to make it as easy as possible. Scroll through the available day options using the left + right arrows. Click a day that works best for you to see the exact times that are available.