Reclaiming Your Creative Space

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It’s early. As always, my eyes pop open at a time when the stars still reign overhead, and our beautiful Moon shines in the dark. I reach for my hoodies and glasses which are ready to snatched up close at hand. The most surprising part, I wake – as I often do – without any alarm, even though it’s only just 4 am.

This quiet time of day, before the chaos, is my creative domain. This is the precious creative hours that pave the way for a great day. These are the hours of writing, divine trips into Akasha that spill my heart work on to the paper. This is the time of day that I create things that matter.

With small babies, I truly learned why creative time was so important, how I reclaimed my creative time from motherhood, and why this matters so much to me as a creative woman. I’d like to share all of that with you, and encourage you to pick up your own creative tools, be it paintbrush, pen or camera!

What is Creative Time?

Creative time to me is the craft of making. It’s the time we put aside to create art. Craft and art can be anything from play-dough to fine art. It can be cooking, quilting, sewing, weaving, making sculptures out of weird junk. The overall art isn’t as important as the process. The process is an act of curiosity, having fun with no expectations. There is inherent joy in the making – messing up, and just BEing in the creation and creative process.

How I Reclaimed My Creative Time From Motherhood

Through starting out in motherhood, I got up early to write. Through those bleary middle of the night breastfeeding hours, still I got up in the morning to write. I wrote at nap time, and any other corner of the day that I could get my hands on. Isn’t that amazing? I was compelled to keep my writing (my art) alive even within the confines of the high-touch world of early motherhood. I protected my creative time at all costs – even my own sleep. That’s how important it was to my own well-being.

When I worked my corporate job, I got up early to write. The hour seem to fly by as my fingers hit the keys, with stories, recipes, and pieces of putting together a balance that I would eventually find. When I would reclaim my wild voice, my wild feminine and step into the yearning that I had had since I went back. My writing was (and still is) the key. 

Why This Matters

This sacred morning ritual is the same – it’s about carving out time just for your art and holding it sacred. I believe starting your day with something you love, an activity that feeds your soul just changes the game face of your day. Worked on, or completed a creative piece, you walk into the day differently. You walk in ready to face the day, because you’ve already satisfied my own soul desire first.

]We can’t afford not to pick up our creative tools. The need to create, is inherent in women.

I know, I know, patriarchy will tell us getting lost in our own creativity is a no-no. We’re not suppose to have richness that comes from cooking, art, sewing, writing, or your favourite medium of choice. We’re suppose to master one thing and stick with it, the hell with us if we try all the colours in the crayon box. We’re not suppose to paint our kitchen walls teal, or hang up art that make us smile each day. We’re not suppose to retreat and lock ourselves away in our studios, rooms, forests and create of the hell of it – it has to be purposeful, after all.

But what if we give ourselves wild permission to explore, create and not be purposeful? The richness there is immense. The richness in the exploration, the just trying it out allows for new possibilities.

What Time of Day is Yours

I would bet there’s a time of day where you sink deep into your flow. Where your work flows a little easier, your thoughts come into clarity a little cleaner.

I want to give you a permission slip – Protect this time at all costs.

It’s your time, it’s the time of creation & creative work. And if we keep skipping it, if stop carving it out, that’s a real problem.

There’s a crisis there with failing to play and create the work we are called to do. There’s a crisis in our journey to becoming. It has no time – and with no time, it will come out whenever is inconvenient and make some. So instead, leave an hour here, on the calendar, on the daily. Leave it for exploration, creativity to show up. Leave it for your art. Leave it for your journalling or writing. Leave it for whatever is currently lighting you up.

Don’t box it in. Don’t give it a label (I just call mine “Creative Time” and leave it at that). Start wherever you are that day. Start with a meditation. Write your intentions. Explore, Google, Pin what is interesting to you. Read a book you’ve been meaning to. Be curious, aim to follow it. But take up this space.


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